Our Design Process:

Intuition guided by experience,
validated by data,
created from analysis,
based in science.


We offer a range of services both in-house and in conjunction with external specialists, who we often bring together to form project-specific teams, depending on the requirements of the brief.

• Naval Architecture

• Stability Analysis, Intact and Damaged 

• Powering, Trim and Fuel Range

• VPP/Sailing Performance

• Rating Optimisation

• Aero and Hydro CFD Analyses

• Foil & Appendage Design

• Composite & Alloy Structural Engineering

• Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

• Tank Testing & Wind tunnel

• 3D Computer Modelling

• Photo-realistic Images

• Computer Animations & Fly-throughs

• Immersive Virtual Reality simulations

• 5-axis CNC cutting panels, kits and tooling

• Expert witness in legal disputes

• Project Management

• Technical & Supplier Liaison

• Client Representation

• Bid & Tender Process management

• Regulation compliance