We revel in the challenge of meeting the brief

“A sailing yacht is a bundle of compromises, and the cleverest constructor is he who, out of a mass of hostile parts, succeeds in creating the most harmonious whole. It is not strange that designers pass sleepless nights, and that anything like finality and perfection of type is impossible to conceive. No wonder that yacht designing is a pursuit of absorbing interest.”

Lord Dunraven
Challenger for the 1893 and 1895 America’s Cups

Sailing yacht or power boat, regardless of size or functionality, at Stimson Yacht Design and Naval Architecture we develop elegant solutions that are conceived with flair, and created with sound engineering and practicality in mind.

With over three decades of design experience and four decades on the water, we have developed practical know-how and built up scientific knowledge, allowing us to balance the often conflicting requirements of a vessel.

Our focus on balancing these requirements, along with our iterative approach to design and emphasis on validation once in operation, enables us to successfully meet clients’ briefs time and again


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