We revel in the challenge of meeting the brief

“A sailing yacht is a bundle of compromises, and the cleverest constructor is he who, out of a mass of hostile parts, succeeds in creating the most harmonious whole. It is not strange that designers pass sleepless nights, and that anything like finality and perfection of type is impossible to conceive. No wonder that yacht designing is a pursuit of absorbing interest.”

Lord Dunraven
Challenger for the 1893 and 1895 America’s Cups

无论帆船或者动力艇,无论尺寸大小,功能各异,Stimson Yacht Design都可以提供构思巧妙、性能可靠、优雅实用的解决方案。


我们对于平衡这些需求的专注,  以及我们对设计方法的不断更新和进步,使我们可以一次又一次成功地满足客人的


A nice feature on a project we had a small part in - doing some CFD studies into the cowling and twisted vane design for this anti-frost fan. Not the usual yacht design stuff!

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Getting quite excited about seeing this one hit the water...... ... See MoreSee Less

A concept nearly nine years in the making, hull one of #HorizonYachts’ latest model – the new Horizon V67 – has just been unveiled! Created in collaboration with world-renowned designer Jonathan...

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Vision 67 hull #01 demoulded at Horizon Yachts in Taiwan and on its way to meet the deck mouldings! Naval Arch by Stimson Yachts, Interior/Exterior by JQB (Jonathan Quinn Barnett, Seattle) and composite engineering by Gurit ... See MoreSee Less

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A big shout out to Dorox on the Sailing Anarchy AC forum for pulling this together. All available data to date for NZL and USA. Showing efficiency plotted as either SOG/TWS or VMG/TWS, but also SOG/TWS vs HDG as a polar. Quite interesting looking at the ratio of speed or VMG to the instantaneous TWS. MedianTWS was about 8.5kn. I'm keen to see what these look like up range...... ... See MoreSee Less

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